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Friendship Friendship is like a china cup if it is broken it can be repaired but the crack is there still. The light of friendship is like the light of phosphorus seen when all around is dark. Friendship is indeed like a shed under which you can take rest and arrows of outrageous fortune. The friend’s house road is never long. Friendship is only purchased only by friendship. Friendship is some thing you have to hold.

Most Popular Websites domain age!

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Recently while i was checking my website i found a tool that can tell you the Approximate age of a website / domain. These tools get info from domain whois , well see these websites age look very cool to me so i tought why not to share with you people , you can find many search results on google typing the key word “domain age” most of the tools either not work or just tell you the wrong age , here  i found a couple of tools that tell you the approximate  domain age. These two ( & work well you may also find some others but in this post i think these two are enough. keep in mind that these records are checked at Tuesday December 13 2011, The current record may be different.

Domain Created on: September 15 1997 Domain age (approximately): 14 Years, 3 Months, 11 days.

Google+ New Features

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Google+ is now including many New features in their social networking site  , People have great experience with it , As New features are giving more excitement and advancement to the users giving a nice experience , facebook developers are also making changes to their facebook system they also fastly including new features , make changes to the layout inclusion of the new time line is one of the most advance features of facebook , Now let put some light on New features of google plus.

Allah has made them all

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Allah has made all animals , birds, insects , and fish some fly some swim. some creeps on their tummies some walk on two legs. some walk on four legs. Allah has made whales whales are big. Allah helps whales to swim in sea Allah has made the birds The birds fly high in the sky. Allah has made the cows and goats we get creamy milk from cows and goats. Allah has made sheep The wool from the sheep keeps us warm on cold days. Allah  has made spiders Allah help spider to weave a web Allah has made bees. The bees make sweet, sticky honey Honey is good for you especially when you are sick. Allah has made donkeys , horses and camels. They help us to carry heavy things from place to place Allah has made me intelligent And i write the blessing of Allah . Allah has made all animals , birds , insects , and fish. They all belong to Allah. Allah made Them all , a poem User Tags :- Allah has made all animals , birds , insects , and fish , fly , creeps , whales , sea , goats , sheep , cow , cold days , spider , web , sticky honey , bees

The Computer A Copy of Law of Nature

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Human knowledge , observation , memory , expression , intelligence in short all human faculties are gifts of Allah to man.Our Holy Qur’an says: ” Read , for your lord is most beneficent , who taught by the pen , taught man what he did not know ” (Al-Alaq 3-5) The secret behind the success of computer technology is the hidden truth behind this universe. By analyzing the invention it is very obvious that the computer system is mere copy of the law of the nature.

Jummatul Mubarik (Juma Day)

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Jummah..! A precious Gift for this Ummaah! …Each & every islamic member! Never try to miss its salaath,even in a hardened summer! The day on which this temporary world Got created! And on this day, will the same be deteriorated! Our ALLAH says us to celebrate this day like the day of Eiiiid! Oh brothers & sisters, thanK ALLAH for Giving us the islamic creed! On this day, read the verse of The cave(Kahf)! Its true that, you’ll become more brave and brave! It’ll speak from your side even inside the Grave! Seek more and more refuge from our ALLAH on this day and verily ALLAH will be there for us to surely Save! _ Faiz Mohammed !


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sayings risepk 1. we talk about killing time while time quietly kill us 2. live like a candle which burns itself but gives light to others 3.  when you have nothing to say , say nothing 4. in sickness , health is known 5. never say i have failed , say i have not succeeded . sayings, the beautiful words


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Life is a gold which can never be sold It is a challenge given by God which we have to accept at every cost face reality and the handles with confidence climb all ladders Man proposes and God disposes. Tags :- life , life a peom , bussy life , happy life , easy life

The champions of animal world

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The fastest running bird in the world is ostrich. The Giant squid has the largest eye in the animal kingdom. The African Goliath beetle is the heaviest insect in the world. The Galapagos Tortoise is the longest living animal. The estuarine crocodile is the largest reptile in the wasted world. The king cobra is the longest venomous snake in the world. The giraffe is the tallest living animal. The Saluki is the fasted breed of dogs. The kokai arrow is the most poisonous animal. The champions of animal world  

Golden Words

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Conscience is God’s presence in man Be a flower which perfumes the had that crushes it An educated man differs from an uneducated one, as the living, and the dead. When you waste time remember that time is also wasting you. A lion never tells that he is a lion, but his action shows that he is lion. Knowledge is a shady tree against the sun of ignorance. Nothing is impossible to man who can will, and then do. Don’t be sweet that people swallow you up, no so bitter that thy spit you out. Don’t spread your self too thin; learn to say “no” politely and quickly. Remembers that winners do what loser’s don’t want to do. Don’t make the same mistake twice. When you want to commit a sin, look for hiding place that is not being watched by Allah. User Tags :- golden words , losers , polietely , iganorance , shady tree , differs , crushes , flower , perfumes
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