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JQuery popups are awesome , specially when you add your facebook like box or either it is a subscription form it is helpful to grow your fans and readers today we are sharing a JQuery Popup having facebook like box in it. This popup widget is created by “kakiheboh” and named it as “LikeBox FB Fanpage Pro” let see how to implement it. Follow the steps to get it. Either for WordPress or blogger blog.

Click on this link. Skip The Ad and then follow the steps bellow

1. In the 1st Text Box Enter your facebook Username
2. In the 2nd Text Box Enter the Wait Time* (seconds)  i-e 30 or 60.
3. In the 3rd Tex Box Will Appear After* (minutes)  0 is default you can change it to your one if you need.
4. Do you need close button?* (yes / no) , if you need a close button select yes from the drop down menu.
5. Then Click on Generate My Code Button.

Code For Wordpres Websites / Blogs

php codeIf you are using wordpress then use the first bit of code the php one copy it and then Go to your wordpress dashboard >> Appearance >> Widgets
add a new text widget to your side bar and paste the code in the text widget save the widget and visit your blog.

Code For Blogger / Blogspot blogs

blogspot codeIn case your are using a blogspot blog then you can add the 2nd bit of code to your blog copy the code i-e “Blogspot Code” and the follow the step to add it to your blog.

  1. Go To Blogger > Design > Edit HTML
  2. Backup your template
  3. Paste the  code just above </body>
  4. save your template and visit your blog.

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