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social slide facebook twitter +1In one of our previous post we just share a tutorials on how to add a facebook sliding like box to your site /blog , here we are using a plugin which do it not only for facebook like box , but here you will also see your twitter widget sliding same like facebook like box , similarly for the google +1  this look much useful and cute on it slide on your blog , live at a side of your blog when some one over his/her mouse over it , it pop up with a cute sliding effect , the Jquery effect , see the Demo on the left of this page, let see how to get this.

Installing  and Activating The Plugin

1. Login to your wordpress site/blog Dashboard.
2. Navigate to Plugins >Add New.
3. Search for “KN Social Slide”  You will find the plugin , remember that the author is ” Freddie Aziz Jasbindar”.
Searching for plugin
4. Click on Install Now.
5. Activate the plugin.

Configuring social settings facebook twitter & google +1

You have done it now its time to change the credentials for facebook , twitter and +1. for this , in your dashboard Navigate to the “KN Social Slide”.social slide plugin tab
The screen will look like this
facebook interface social slide plugin
Click on the facebook Image , Enter your facebook fan page ID in the box Facebook ID, Save it.
Then Click on the twitter Image and change the twitter username to your own one , with including “@”.twitter interface social slide plugin
Next Click on google + image , Enter the your page URL in box , you can enter any url either your website url or blog url or any other url you want to get interface social slide plugin
Click on save changes.
let me know if you found this useful there is still another which will be appearing on your site , that show 1 latest post of the author of the plugin I have customize it for my self and remove that box. Drop a comment if you want to customize it too .


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Tous Ensemble
February 16, 2012


Hi, fabeook and google+ doesn’t work 🙁

Thanks for the feedback

February 16, 2012

walikum asalam , dude its can work you need to configure it , let me know if i can help , you!
drop me a few line i will make it working for you

Tous Ensemble
February 20, 2012

Now it works, but i have a conflict with the slider, even when i ON/OFF the javascript.
My website use the blogitty theme :
thank you

February 20, 2012

what type of conflict??
give me your blog url?

May 6, 2012

thank you this is awsome

Ahsan javed
July 2, 2012

awsome dost…

Faiz Muhammad
August 1, 2012

🙂 visit us for more!


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