4 Inspirational songs for change in Pakistan!
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4 Inspirational songs for change in Pakistan!
Kismat apnay hath may

Song No 1 Appney Uloo kitnay teray by Shehzad Roy with Waso

very nice song , complete view of History of Pakistan in this song , also show you how corruption is occurring in Pakistan , No one is working for pour people , just promoting them self on media that they will solve problem of pour peoples!

Song No 2 Laga Reh laga Reh Dil laga reh

Another story type song by shehzad Roy Presenting Pakistan stages that who every one is doing here in Pakistan , how they drive , how the steel , politicians work , very deep song! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VSESualQbg  

Song No 3 Kismat apnay hath May

Talking about media and courts of pakistan , the politicians and the Intelligence what here doing in Pakistan , also telling the youth what you are doing , giving them some meaningful message in his song! he say's that some people has taken the luck of our country in their Hands , Almost Agree with him! in the video he is talking about that i will try to bing change , but he is blast with a bomb in the end ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEpYxCAAwhI

Song No 4 Uth band kamar kia darta hy

This song is also very great convey a beautiful message , saying our people to speak , you see people doing bad things but you can't speak , so speak and bring a change in you country , do your best and leave the remiang on Allah , he will do better InshaAllah!   User tags :- Shehazad Roy Best songs , Shehazd Roy Apney Ullo kitney tairay , Ut band kamar kia darta hy , Laga reh , Qismat apnay hath may

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