6 Useful SEO Tips
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6 Useful SEO Tips

The term “SEO” Search Engine Optimization  may sound foreign to many start-up merchants, but understanding what it is and how it works can make your e-commerce business boom. Short for search engine optimization, SEO helps your website rank higher in search engine results, get more visitors, and ultimately boost your revenue.

Identify your Intended Audience

The first step in any SEO campaign should always be determining who the intended audience of your good or service is. While it’s easy to simply focus on your business as the driving force behind your SEO operations, it always helps you to be a more specific in your approach. By selecting a certain product as the core keyword of your campaign, you will be able to attract more traffic than otherwise.

Use META Tags

A META tag is a special HTML tag that lets you provide information about a specific page on your site. The most important attributes within the META tags are the description and keyword attributes. The description and keyword attributes are exactly that — a short description and the most important keywords found on the page. META descriptions should be less than 155 characters long, an accurate description of what a visitor will find on the page, and should incorporate your most important keywords.

Keep your Keywords Dynamic

Even if a particular keyword has generated a lot of traffic during the course of your SEO campaign, don’t let that prevent you from cycling your keyword focus. Search trends change as much as social ones do, so there’s never a guarantee that one term will consistently prove fruitful. Always be on the lookout for other applicable keywords that may bring traffic to your website.

Write Meaningful Anchor Text

Anchor text is the click-able text in a hyperlink. When writing the anchor text, make sure it relates to the attached link. For instance, if you’re anchor text reads “Victorian floor lamps,” but it links to a page selling televisions, then that will only hinder your Search Engine  ranking

Submit your Website sitemaps to the popular search engines

Hence Sitemaps refers to the list of website posts and articles and submitting that to Google,yahoo,Bing , Atalvista will bring your all posts in search results by scrolling them.

Unique and relevant Content

Google robots love to visit and enjoy unique content in order to serve its users with relevant and quality content. Good quality articles brings you a lot of traffic while posting same articles.

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