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Auto posting for wordpress to twitter and facebookYes for wordpress now it is possible to publish your posts automatically to facebook and twitter. Yesterday i was tried of sharing my post to facebook and twitter even to my facebook page , i become bored and start searching for some kind of plugins which can do the job for me every time i create and publish a new post the plugin can do the posting for me , well i found lot of plugins some were not good , some were very hard to implement , some were paid very few was working , Now i have the most useful of them.

For publish automatically to facebook i found “wordbooker” the great one and for twitter “Tweetable is fine”, all you need is to install , activate and configure it properly.

Wordbooker is Great for facebook

wordpress facebookWordbooker is the most powerful and easiest one to publish your post automatically to facebook, it not only publish your posts to your profile but can also publish to fan pages and groups, it has an easy to use interface, don’t make any load on your website .

Download and install from the wordpress directory
once you install the plugin then Navigate to Settings >> Wordbooker
to made proper configuration , you need to connect your facebook account with an application , authorize the app and set it accordingly , the plugin have a lot of help inside it you can do it.

Tweetable Twitter Plugin for auto publishing

wordpress twitterUsing this plugin when you publish new post these post are also published to twitter on your twitter account, here you need to authorize your twitter account with their twitter app,  turn the WordPress admin into a twitter client. with tweet screen turn the WordPress admin into a twitter client. The Tweet screen lets you can update your status and browse your friends.
An optional dashboard widget is available, so you can post quick tweets while managing other tasks in your wordpress.

Download the plugin and install it , after activating the plugin do the necessary configuration like registering the application , track , settings , and tweets etc , it can be found in wordpress admin page on the right side of Tab Menu.
I m happy to having these apps / plugins in my blog it made publishing easy for me  , drop comment if you are confused.

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priyanka ahir
August 7, 2013

thank you sir..
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