Gift of Dua

Allah has given us the gift of Dua.  Problem and sorrows came to all of us.  They may be in the form of disease, death of near relation, failure in examination and so on. We can ask.

Teachers (Pillars of our society)

Teachers play an important role in our society. They are pillars and building blocks of our society. Just think what would happen if there were no teachers. True teachers are candles who give light to others.They train.

Leaders in school

There is an old saying that there are three kinds of people in the world. First those who make things happen, second those who watch things happens and third those who wonder what had happened. Leader fall.

Apex flash convertor

Apex flash convertor is used to convert moives and video’s files in flash move format like swf and flv This tool is very useful for flash user and web users who want to include a video in.

Magic swf to gif

This is software is use to convert flash swf format to image format gif. It is a best tools to customize beautiful swf intro’s , animations and other inter actives into an image format. so you can.

Old Projects

Web Directory Pakistan web directory Free linksdirectory submit numbers of links for free without having any reciprocal link. Url : Free Web Linkers Free Web Linkers Free links and free stuffs Free source code of php.

Why students fail

A new research shedding light on why students fail. It is not the student fault if they fail. Why? There are 365 days in a year, which are not enough. Find out how??????????? Sunday: There are 52.

Physical and chemical properties of women

Physical Properties: * Multi colored. * Variable density. * Freezing at nothing but * Boils at any thing. Chemical Properties: * De colorize when placed beside a better looking specimen. * Soluble in dilute flattery acid. *.

Funny modern paper

Max Marks: 300                                                                Time allowed: From sunrise to sunset A: Instructions: 1 Attempt all questions 2 Intelligent and poor students out of hall. 3 Only one Guide of concerned subject is allowed. 4 Attach a new.

How to catch a lion

1) Newton’s Method: Let, the lion catch you. For every action there is a reaction,whichis equal and opposite. It implies you catch a lion as a reaction. 2) Einstein Method : Run in the direction opposite that.


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