The Computer A Copy of Law of Nature

Human knowledge , observation , memory , expression , intelligence in short all human faculties are gifts of Allah to man.Our Holy Qur’an says:

” Read , for your lord is most beneficent , who taught by the pen , taught man what he did not know ”
(Al-Alaq 3-5)

The secret behind the success of computer technology is the hidden truth behind this universe. By analyzing the invention it is very obvious that the computer system is mere copy of the law of the nature.

Solar system & Computer Network

In compute Networks , there is a concept of star topology.Star Network are one of the most common computer topologies . It is similar to the solar system where planets revolve around the sun. A star Network consist of one central switch or hub or computer and multiple computer are connected to it.

Human Body and Computer System

The working of Human Body and Computer system is quite similar. Here i am listing some of the similarities between these two.

CPU and Brain

The main component of computer is CPU in which Human tried to copy and paste some characteristics of Allah’s creation, Brain. some similarities between cpu and brain are listed below.

The Human Brain is composed of massive network of billions of interconnected neurons.
similarly the cpu is composed of interconnected transistors.
The Human brain gives and receives information and instructions in the form of electric pulses only, meaning either a neuron fire or it does not. The CPU is similar to it also only interprets electrical signals, meaning that a transistor is either off or on.

 Anti-Virus and Anti-bodies

The anti-bodies of the human system and the anti-viruses of computer system has the same function : to destroy viruses and other thing which pose a threat of the computer system. The human body is protected by the layers of skin and the components of computer system is protected through metal casing.

Five Senses

Five senses of human body : Sight , smell , hearing , taste and touch can be metaphors for the main components of a computer system : mouse keyboard , monitor , speaker and printer.

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