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Add a beautiful 3D tag cloud to wordpress
3d tag cloud for wordpressTags are important parts of a wordpress blog it not only help your visitors to easily navigate to a proper point but it can also help your search engine, suppose i have a write a new post according to a standard (400+ words) and also add a few tags For example i have wrote a post “Go to Top button for wordpress” and also add a few tags “how to add goto top” , “scroll to top ” or “back to top”. These tags act as a title , so when every a visitor search for ” Go to top , or back to top or scroll to top” will come to the same page! In this post i m sharing a beautiful tag cloud with you people it looks pretty awesome , when you over your mouse pointer on the widget the flashy text start moving a circular direction that gives a nice look to the visitor and he /she can navigate to his desired point easily, This tag cloud can be found in the wordpress plugins direction by the name “”WP CUMULUS” .

Installing the Plugin WP Cumulas

WP Cumulus plugin 1. Login the your wordpress admin 2. Navigate to Plugins >> Add New 3. In the search box type “wp cumulus ” and hit Enter,  The author of the plugin is Roy Tanck 4. Install and activate the plugin. 5. The options for this plugin can be found in Settings >> WP Cumulus

Adding the widget

3d tag cloud for wordpressTo add the 3d tag cloud widget simply go to Appearance >> Widgets Drag and drop the wp cumulus widget to you sidebar. Specify the title , width and height for the widget , tag color , background transparency etc , then click save. Visit your blog to see the cloud with a nice 3d effect! Don’t forgot to tell me how much you like it.     User Tags :- 3d tag cloud for wordpres , 3d flash tag cloud , add a 3d tag cloud , How to add a 3d tag cloud to wordpress

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