Gift of Dua

DuaAllah has given us the gift of Dua.  Problem and sorrows came to all of us.  They may be in the form of disease, death of near relation, failure in examination and so on. We can ask Allah to help us in our bad time. Allah him self has asked us to turn to Dua for help.

The Quran says, and when my servants ask you about me I m near, I answer the call of the caller when he calls on me let them also respond and believe in me, so they might follow the right way.

Allah’s messenger is reported to have said, “Allah the most beneficent says: I am to the servant according to his thought concerning me when he remembers me I am with him when he remembers me to him self. I remember him to myself; when he mention me among a group I mention him among a better group, if he comes to me one span; I come towards him as arm length, if he comes toward me; I go to him at speed”.



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