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JetClean – Improve and Speed Up your PC
Hello Friends , hope you are all fine , today i brought a new review about a software , its a nice tool to improve your PC performance and speed it up, I personally use it and got useful results, the software is very light weighted and don’t make any burden on your computer the size of the software is only 3.4 MB which is nothing! but the performance is awesome! your system is more stable and have less security risks , before this software I also use some other software like CCleaner , advance system care etc , but they don’t work or were less in performance JetClean is the most powerful of them. some of its bright features are ! 1 . One-click Clean and Tune-up 2. Light, Easy-to-use, and Reliable 3. Faster PC Startup and Program Launch 4. Fast and Powerful Windows Clean 5. Improves PC Performance 6. More Stable Windows System, Less Crash JetClean

JetClean works on the following areas!

1. Registry Clean
Registry is one of the most important part of an operating system, every time we install or uninstall a program it have some register values which are save in the registry of O/S but uninstalling a program does not remove it registry values and these values make our pc slow , JetClean check your Registry and remove the un useful values from it with a singly click.
2. Windows Clean
Cleaning windows component is also  important for fast PC , our windows contain un necessary files like temp files , IE temp files , windows log files , clipboard temp data and caches etc these file are just temporary and make your PC heavy by removing them one can improve his PC performance which is done in one click by using JetClean.
3. Apps Clean
This category consist of browsers , Application programs , Office applications , and windows utilities etc which we use when needed , these program also make some temporary files , like we take the example of MS WORD one using ms word can find a lot of temporary files (actually hidden files ) they are only saved for backup purpose but once we save them we don’t need the hidden files , these temp unwanted files are also cleaned by jetClean.
4. Shortcut clean
we use shortcuts for several programs on our desktop our system try and start-up shortcuts etc , every time they are clicked they grab some of your RAM or hard disk space , Jet Clean do not remove these shortcuts but remove their rubbish from the primary and secondary memory.
5. RAM Clean
The most Important one is the RAM , As all we know when we run a program or a software it goes to the primary memory (RAM) once these programs are executed and finish their task they grab some of our RAM space , RAM play a vital role in speeding up a computer , the more your RAM has free space in it , the more your computer fast and better performance , JetCleanremove those junks & rubbish from our RAM as a result our PC become faster!


By Having all the above characteristics i highly recommended this software to you , if you start try fixing your registry , temp files , caches and junks files manually it will take hour of you , but all these can be done with the help of JetClean with one click so why waste your time and buy the pro version,  or try the free version once you use it i m sure you will like to buy the pro version which have more advance features!

Get FREE Upgrade to the PRO Edition

I recently got a pro version of JetClean for free! by simply giving them some valuable feedback and sharing it with my friends! you can also get the free version by doing a little effort , Give your valuable feedback to JetClean , Share it with your facebook friends or any other social networking site like , linkedin , stumble upon , twitter etc and get chance to win the pro versionworth $20 USD. User Tags :- JetClean , one click solution for PC , How to speed up your computer , Improve PC performance

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