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Useful Shopping Cart Plugins for wordpress
shopping cart plugins for wordpressOnline shopping is most important just like regular shopping, People buy and sell their products using online shoppingcart system , their are many type of shopping cart system available in both either open source or paid one. As Now a days wordpress is used as a CMS (content management system). Developers and programers are beautifully playing around it, and develop very useful tools for free. Here  i m sharing some plugin you can use them to create an manage a shopping cart system in your wordpress site, once you implement it you can than use it to sell your products , you can use PayPal as a your standard payment method. Now let me introduce you to some of these useful plugins.

WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart

wp simple shopping cartAllows you to add an ‘Add to Cart’ button on any posts or pages , display the shopping cart on any page / posts , set your currency parameter, user can see what currency the have to use , User can add and remove items to the shopping cart , you can also integrate it with the NextGen Photo gallery plugin. You can install it from your dashboard by Navigating to Plugin>> Add New then search for “wordpress simple PayPal Shopping Cart ” or Download it directly from the wordpress plugins directory author of the plugin is “Ruhul Amin”. Video Tutorials , Detail docs , and screen shots can be found HERE. Once you install the plugin you can manage it from the settings , configure the options like email , Shopping Cart Name , Return URL etc. Use the trigger text to add a product to a post or page where u want it to be appeared.
shopping cart shippingshopping cart shipping

Cf Shopping Cart

Another useful shopping cart plugin , with multi language support like , Russian , Dutch , Spanish , Chines , German , Japanese etc. Cf shopping cart can work with custom fields and other plugins , website can have flexible design , you can use select to option for different types of products , this will be extra charge or discounts for your , you can manage your stock , it also support PayPal for payment. it can be downloaded from Here. For Installation please Read this.
cf shopping cartExample of Cf shopping cart

TheCartPress, eCommerce Shopping Cart

Ecomerce shopping cartAnother most advance shopping cart , 100% naturally flexible and scalable plugin with powerful back-end supporting tools , to make your store ideal and useful for merchants, most developers and theme coder use it as a shopping cart , framework  or a catalog. It extend the functionality of eCommerce with themes and plugins just like you use for your WordPress. it have a lot of usefulfeatures like product browsing offerings  , catalog management offerings , full catalog browsing offerings , multilingual , checkout offering , payment offering , shipping offering , customer account offering , customer service offering , marketing promotions + tools offering , compatible with themes and with lot more unlimited features. Installation is easy and simple , you can download it from WordPress plugins directory Here is a demosite of it, they also have a free eCommerce theme for you.
TheCart press shopping cart for wordpressExample screenshoot
some other plugin you may want to read about are
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  • Avactic shopping cart widget
  • PHP Purchase
  you can search for more at WordPress plugin directory, Peace and blessing pals!! User Tags :- shopping cart plugins for wordpress , Most useful shopping cart plugins for wordpress , free shopping cart plugin for wordpress , wp shopping cart , free shopping carts for wordpress

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