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Add a weather forecast widget to wordpress
risepk weather in peshawarAdding a weather widget to your wordpress very easy like eating a piece of cake HereĀ  we are adding a plugin which uses Google weather API to display weather in your blog. This useful and informative if you have weather widget in your blog it will give your visitors to have a look of the weather reports for the present day and 3 day's more after it, what this widget can do for you? show today's weather show weather forecast for the next 3 days specifiy theĀ  output language choose between Fahrenheit or Celsius. supports shortcodes for single pages or posts comes with predefined CSS style.

Installing the plugin

1. Login to your wordpress admin area 2. Navigate to Appearance >> Plugins >> add new 3. In the search box type "WP Google Weather" and Hit Enter. 4. Install and activate the plugin remember the author "Hendrik Will". Alternately you can also download the plugin from the wordpress plugin directory.

Adding the widget

weather widget To add the widget simply Navigate to Appearance >> Widgets Drag and drop the "WP Google Weather" widget to your sidebar. Change the title to some one you want , Change the country and city to your desired one, From the drop down menu select your temperature scale either Fahrenheit or Celsius , select your language and aligned it according to your need Then click save. Now visit your blog , you will find a beautiful weather forecast widget. let me know if you like the widget or not?   User Tags :- WP Google Weather , wordpress weather forecast widget , add weather forecast widget to wordpress , wordpress weather widget

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