Funny modern paper

Max Marks: 300                                                                Time allowed: From sunrise to sunset

A: Instructions:

1 Attempt all questions

2 Intelligent and poor students out of hall.

3 Only one Guide of concerned subject is allowed.

4 Attach a new note of Rs 1000/- or $ 1000/- with answer sheet.

B: Questions

  1. Write a letter to your father in law to marry his daughter to you as soon as possible.
  2. Explain uses of cheating in exams.
  3. Write a note on any five girl colleges which you visit daily.
  4. Write an easy on any one of the following
    1. Love principles
    2. Girls schools
    3. Uses of bus stop
    4. Cinema house
  5. Write a summary of the movie you watch last night.
  6. Use the following words in your own sentences.
    1. Engagement
    2. Mother in law
    3. Sister in law
    4. Wife
    5. Chatting
  7. Write an application to your wife that you are in need of Rs 5000 only.
  8. Write a song , you like the most.


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December 20, 2010

its very nice and funny

I like it very much

Ravi Mehta

January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!


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