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A poem on salaath

We want our face to glow with noor, but we don’t offer Fajr.
We want blessing in our Income, but we don’t offer Dhohr.
We want ourselves to be healthy, but we don’t offer Asr.
We want our children to be obedient, but we don’t offer Magrib.
We want peaceful sleep at night, but we don’ t offer Isha.

I feel petty on those who prefer to Miss Salah…

Ya Rab you are the most beneficent and the most merciful.
Ya Rab you are the Forgiver and the Best Guide.
Forgive our sins and disobedience and Bless.
Bless us with hidaya, so could we bow our heads to you.
We are among those who say Ash hadu an la ilaha illallah.
We don’t want to be among those who can be victim of you Anger…
We Love you Allah, we Love you….For give Us… Ameen, Sum Ameen.

Lets Repent on our deeds and get back to Masjids….Insha Allah.

_ Faiz Mohammed

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Praises you ALLAH

Praises you ALLAH , Allah , praising Allah , Allah Love , Allah a beautiful poem

Jummatul Mubarik (Juma Day)

A precious Gift for this Ummaah!

…Each & every islamic member!
Never try to miss its salaath,even in a hardened summer!

The day on which this temporary world Got created!
And on this day, will the same be deteriorated!

Our ALLAH says us to celebrate this day like the day of Eiiiid!
Oh brothers & sisters, thanK ALLAH for Giving us the islamic creed!

On this day, read the verse of The cave(Kahf)!

Its true that, you’ll become more brave and brave!

It’ll speak from your side even inside the Grave!

Seek more and more refuge from our ALLAH on this day and verily ALLAH will be there for us to surely Save!

_ Faiz Mohammed !

A poem for AL-Quran

Reading Al - Quran during break time
Oh!!! the precious Quran,the book of divine
With keys for life, you are mine
Now I know from where i came
Save me from my mental pain

Comfort me in bad distress
With words of Allah’s tenderness
May you keep me in my faith
until death too I shall embrace

You are there to guide and guard
So I may receive that rich reward
Guide me safely always home
Keep me from the things unknown

Thus our Qur’an. we hold dearer and dearer.
As towards perfection we come nearer and nearer.

A sacred book that inspires the wise
We defend most bravely, with our wealth and lives.

by _Faiz Mohammed

poem on belief

A small poem as a Lesson :

Without ALLAH’s will,even withering can’t take place for a single Leaf!

Men and women Lost this Belief! …
How can a man or a woman or a statue could be the God?

Oh non believing Human!

Verily you are in a wrong path, realise and jus make a self safe Guard..!

by _Faiz mohammed..!

A small poem as a lesson , peom on belief

To Make the best of life

Think                 Constructively

Drink                 Slowly

Bath                   Regularly

Exercise           Daily

Rest                    Frequently

Work                  Efficiently

Read                  Selectively

Talk                    Briefly

Serve                 Willingly

Pray                   Devotedly

Listen                Attentively

Observe            Keenly

Wait                    Patiently

To Make the best of life


sayings risepk

1. we talk about killing time while time quietly kill us

2. live like a candle which burns itself but gives light to others

3.  when you have nothing to say , say nothing

4. in sickness , health is known

5. never say i have failed , say i have not succeeded .

sayings, the beautiful words


Life is a gold
which can never be sold
It is a challenge given by God
which we have to accept at every cost
face reality and the handles
with confidence climb all ladders
Man proposes and God disposes.

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life , life a peom , bussy life , happy life , easy life

Math a poem

Math is a pest

With too many tests

Without any rest

But itis the best

It can be fun

Like munching a fruit bun

It can be hard

To see the report card

Though it is easy

It can drive you crazy

We have nuts to have guts

So we can solve

The if and buts.

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Math , pest , test , rest , best , fun , fruit , guts , crazy Mathematics

My Mother

  • The sunshine of my life
  • The morning of my days
  • My strength and my honor
  • Who gave me my life
  • To very devoted person
  • To everyone she is near
  • She fixes our broken hearts
  • And catches all our tears
  • One who will always be there
  • Always and forever
  • No matter what happens
  • She will leave us never
  • I love like hers
  • There is not another
  • I love her so much
  • This special person  my Beautiful Mother.



Islam the name of faith

Islam the name of trust

Islam the name of strength

Islam the name of peace

Islam the name of love

Islam the name of justice

Islam the name of morality

Islam the name of nobility

Islam the of sincerity

Islam the name of unity

Islam the name of discipline

Islam the name of order

Islam the name of devotion

Islam the name of wisdom

Islam the name of courage

Islam the name of obedience

Islam the name of tolerance

Islam the name of sacrifice


I need a friend

I need a friend, who is jolly and friendly

One who does not make me sad or angry?

All the problem should I share with him,

I need a friend, who has got strong beliefs.

On whom I can rely to be true and construct

All these attribute are being for this special being

To whom I could like to give my heart and soul.


Ah! It’s again examination

What a botheration

For the young generation

Must study with concentration

English and its composition

Urdu and its recitation

Math with its calculation

Chemistry with its equations

Civics with its civilization

Geography with its population

Biology with its classification

Physics with its definitions

Home test, pre-board and detentions

Preparation, preparation, preparation

Who can survive in this situation ?

While no time for recreation.

Computer lover’s sayings

  • you have Entered into my heart
  • it has become difficult to shift my thoughts elsewhere
  • I am unable to control my feelings for you
  • I just can’t delete you from my heart’s screen
  • I would never want to escape from loving you
  • This is all so beautiful, only you can help me
  • I don’t want to End it
  • I want to Home in you heart
  • Save this important message ever and for ever.

Computer lover’s sayings

An insect falls into a glass of cola

English: Throws his glass away and walks out.

American: Takes the insect out and drinks the cola.

Chinese: Eats the insect and throws the cola away.

Indian: Sells the cola to American, the insect to Chinese and get a new glass of cola.

Pakistani: Accuses the Indian of throwing the insect into his cola, relates the issue of Kashmir, asks Chinese for militarizes aid, takes a loan from American and buy a new cola.

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Insect fall into a glass of cola , americans , indians , pakistani , chinese

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