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Portable Avira Antivirus

avira anti virus portable
As all you know now a days people use and give preference to portable software instead of Others. So Here we bring you a portable Avira Antivirus for you. you will better know what this software can do for you. Like removal of viruses , threads , worms , spyware , Trojans etc.

It has a pretty cool interface. More virus definitions than any other. Simply in use better in performance. don’t make your computer slow. No need of any serial key because it is portable. you will don’t need to register it. No trail version more! (more…)

Make your windows 7 fast and clean

Hope All of you will be fine , Today A new software to make your windows 7 fast and clean , one click easy solution! With the help of this software you can make your PC very fast!. It is called windows seven manager. It is a registry cleaner keep your PC clean from expire registry files. Manage windows start-up entries. It has also a boot menu and some other miscellaneous utilities. More it gives you hardware information about your computer. It also notify you about hidden viruses in you computer folders who eat more space from you. (more…)

6 Useful SEO Tips

The term “SEO” Search Engine Optimization  may sound foreign to many start-up merchants, but understanding what it is and how it works can make your e-commerce business boom. Short for search engine optimization, SEO helps your website rank higher in search engine results, get more visitors, and ultimately boost your revenue.

Identify your Intended Audience

The first step in any SEO campaign should always be determining who the intended audience of your good or service is. While it’s easy to simply focus on your business as the driving force behind your SEO operations, it always helps you to be a more specific in your approach. By selecting a certain product as the core keyword of your campaign, you will be able to attract more traffic than otherwise. (more…)

Protect your Personal data

folder protectsome time we need to protect our data (files and folders) , prevent our data to being deleted or modified. There are lot of software available in the market. I found one of useful besides them. The name of this software is Folder Protect. by name you can guess that this will protect your folders and files and data inside folders. Let see what can it do for you.
1.Folder Protect allows you to Delete-proof your important files. With a single click password protection, you can rest assured that your files are protected even from being accidentally deleted.
2.Folder Protect password-protects your important folders, files, drives, and programs. Folder Protect offers ‘Data in Use’ security and lets you protect your files by equipping you with a comprehensive set of Data-in-Use protection tools including Write-protect, Delete-protect, Access-protect, and Hide your data. Additional security features include Safe Mode locking, Stealth Mode, Hot-keys, and Auto-protection.
The program can work in complete stealth mode and you can choose an idle time when the data gets protected automatically. (more…)

Send Free sms any where in the world

send free sms any where in the world for freeHi , Dears hope you guys doing well here i found a new website using which you can send free sms in any part of the world , this sms service is very awesome and is free , even no registration is required for sending messages , you can send sms for unlimited no of times , it support 300 words , The beauty of the sms service is that you don’t need to solve any captcha code. Simply you have to fill 3 fields. i-e , The Country Name , The Moble / Cell Phone Number , and you Message! Then Click on send button, your message will be sent and will be receive in a few seconds!

The Name of the website is, I didn’t find any useful sms service before this.

Skip the Ad to Proceed to the orginal site!


Sticky Bar For WordPress

Hellobar For WP
A sticky bar is widely used by bloggers and sites owner to post several news and notification for visitors , either its coupon codes , special offers or any other company related news , even they post them using sticky bars , sticky bar are awesome they help you to promote and sell your products.
In this tutorial I will try to keep things simple and will share how to create such a sticky bar widget for WordPress with simple text button (for a link). View the demo below you will see a sticky-bar called the Hello bar with some notification for the visitors.


JQuery Popups For WordPress

jquery and wordpressYou may have seen JQuery Popups on many blogs either blogger or wordpress, these popups are awesome to show any announcement or promote your facebook page or to get your feed burner subscribers, it help you alot to promote your work. Today i m sharing a useful plugin that can show a JQuery popup on your wordpress blog /website. It show a smooth and Light weighted easy to play with, Insert any Text / HTML , Image or video. The Plugin is Called “Milat JQuery Popup”. we also share in our previous post a jquery popup with facebook like box. (more…)

Automatically publish your blog posts to facebook and twitter

Auto posting for wordpress to twitter and facebookYes for wordpress now it is possible to publish your posts automatically to facebook and twitter. Yesterday i was tried of sharing my post to facebook and twitter even to my facebook page , i become bored and start searching for some kind of plugins which can do the job for me every time i create and publish a new post the plugin can do the posting for me , well i found lot of plugins some were not good , some were very hard to implement , some were paid very few was working , Now i have the most useful of them.

For publish automatically to facebook i found “wordbooker” the great one and for twitter “Tweetable is fine”, all you need is to install , activate and configure it properly. (more…)

Add a weather forecast widget to wordpress

risepk weather in peshawarAdding a weather widget to your wordpress very easy like eating a piece of cake Here  we are adding a plugin which uses Google weather API to display weather in your blog. This useful and informative if you have weather widget in your blog it will give your visitors to have a look of the weather reports for the present day and 3 day’s more after it, what this widget can do for you?

show today’s weather
show weather forecast for the next 3 days
specifiy the  output language
choose between Fahrenheit or Celsius.
supports shortcodes for single pages or posts
comes with predefined CSS style. (more…)

Go to Top button for wordpress

back 2 top for wordpressIf you want to add a goto top button to your wordpress blog /website here i m sharing they how can u do it , its simple and easy you need to add a bit of code to your widget. The benefit of  Go To Top , Back To top or Scroll To Top button is that when ever you have a post/page having lot of content (text , images etc) and the page go to very down it become little boring for the visitor to scroll back to top most of the site have lot of post at their Home page so its difficult  to scroll up. In this post we are adding some sort of code which not only have the function to back to the top but also have cute floating effect, when you are at the top of the page it is don’t appears , then when you scroll down a little of the page it start appearing on the down left side of your page and when you click on it. It got you to the top with a cool jQuery effect. To check the demo you need to scroll a little to the down of this page. (more…)

Social sliding widget facebook twitter & Google plus

social slide facebook twitter +1In one of our previous post we just share a tutorials on how to add a facebook sliding like box to your site /blog , here we are using a plugin which do it not only for facebook like box , but here you will also see your twitter widget sliding same like facebook like box , similarly for the google +1  this look much useful and cute on it slide on your blog , live at a side of your blog when some one over his/her mouse over it , it pop up with a cute sliding effect , the Jquery effect , see the Demo on the left of this page, let see how to get this.

Installing  and Activating The Plugin

1. Login to your wordpress site/blog Dashboard.
2. Navigate to Plugins >Add New.
3. Search for “KN Social Slide”  You will find the plugin , remember that the author is ” Freddie Aziz Jasbindar”. (more…)

How to add Head code in WordPress

how to add head tag to wordpressLot of people ask question like how to add head code in wordpress , where do i add a javascript , how can i add code to head section of wordpress etc. So i plan why not to write a tutorial about how to add head code in wordpress. let 1st we disscuss a little about head code !

Head Code and its Purpose!

A head include information of the page i-e meta tags.
Example of a Head code is below

<head> My Head code goes  here  </head>

What is the purpose of head code ?? Many scripting languages do different work with the head code , as in head code you may use javascript code or css (cascading stylish sheet) or any other scripting language to perform some task. (more…)

How to Remove facebook apps

The tutorial is about how to block / remove a facebook apps coz now a day’s with the help of apps developer access your facebook profile, post to your wall, they can access your profile any time and can even make post on your friends wall, your friends think that you share such a cheap thing (bad things / explicit content or pornography etc) with them and they are also in trouble with their family and friends having such things on their walls. This all done via facebook apps , so if you want to be safe from all these kinds of bad things remove/block all your facebook apps except those about you think they don’t do such things. Following are the few steps of removing an app from your facebook account. (more…)

Hyperlinks with blinking effects for wordpress

Like my previous post this post also gives credit to MBT  for providing such a script code that make us easy to show beautiful blinking link (hyperlink) effect in our blogs and websites , In this post i m going to tell you how can you make your link blinking when some one over mouse on it. MBT share it for bloggers as but now its time for wordpress Users as wordpress is very change in different aspect from blogger and used as a different plat form for not only blogging but also used as a cms , i m not very expert in programing like php, mysql that i can make any plugin for flashing links , but here i m giving you the way how can you integrate in your website/blog!



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